!Be careful when using Linkedin Stories

linkedin stories


After the successful experience of Instagram stories, other social media were encouraged to use this feature. Now it’s Linkedin’s turn.

Linkedin launched its new feature a few months ago, but there is a big difference between Linkedin stories and those of other social media. Linkedin is a professional network, so every person or company has to be more careful about sharing content on this website. But…

What should we be careful about when posting stories on Linkedin?

  • Only share stories about your daily work not other aspects of your life
  • For company pages, it’s important to be careful about their brand image.
  • ‌Beware of the thin line between being funny and sounding cheap
  • Don’t share too many stories.
  • Real-time stories are more valuable.
  • Don’t forget all your followers can see and share your story (except the blocked ones).

In the end, What do you want others to think about when they hear your name? Creative hard-working, or productive? Use Linkedin story for building and nurturing your professional relationships.


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